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Art is an integral part of human life. Art has the tendency of manifesting itself in various different regions of the world in innumerous number of forms. While it can range from the prestigious paintings of Picasso, to the breathtaking sculptural wonders of the ancient monuments in India, to the smooth silk work of China and the embroidery wonders of Vietnam, it is undeniable that each and every form of art is not just a piece of work but an enchanting experience for people who have the passion to enjoy and appreciate its wonders. One such feast to your senses is the rare but elegant art work of the "Thai Clay Flowers".Lotus made in Thai Clay and Japanese Luna Clay

Thai Clay Flowers or "Dok Mai Jark dinh" as they are known in Thai originated initially from the continent of Europe a few decades back. The clay was initially used to make dolls and artistic flower paintings with the main ingredient in the mix being bread. As the era progressed, the Japanese in 1970's started noticing the European doll models which by then were made with much more ingredients including salt, and Italian flour dough amongst others. These dolls created a long lasting interest in the minds of the Japanese people which enabled them in turn to develop the art further. The Japanese started off using the clay first as bread based product at first calling it PAN DOUGH which literally meant bread dough. Initially they made flowers without any cutters and molds with the exception of frilling tool and some veiners.

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